Dear Abep-UK colleagues,


This is my last communication whilst occupying the board of directors at Abep-UK. I decided to write this in English for believing this message should not be restricted to Abep-UK members. Firstly, I would like to thank all members/partners that collaborated with Abep-UK and to emphasise the work we have in front of us.

We live in challenging times – days in which we see guarantees that some of us might have taken for granted disappearing. These are times in which basic human rights and science are being questioned.

This is a worldwide phenomenon, nevertheless it has acquired a bleak and extreme face in Brazil as the country faces a democratic crisis. Brazil has also been engulfed by a funding crisis in science due to successive cuts in the budget that will bring the country’s science to a standstill. The effects of such cuts could be noticed at Abep-UK as our numbers of members have been reduced over the last years.

The current scenario requires us, the Association of Brazilian Post-Graduate Students and Researchers in the United Kingdom to act and denounce these setbacks. Abep-UK was created in the year of 1980 aiming to fight for the redemocratisation of Brazil. Since then, our association has become an institution for mutual support of their members and to discuss matters related to Brazil or to the Brazilian community of researchers. Nevertheless, Abep-UK has always fought for a fair society and free of prejudice, e.g., ethnic, gender, and sexual orientation.

The year of 2020 marks our association’s 40th anniversary and yet again we see ourselves discussing democracy and representativity in Brazil. In this conjuncture, I would like to invite all members of the association to celebrate this paramount in our history and to discuss possible solutions to the issues faced by our community.

A new board has just been elected. They hold both the honour and responsibility to guide Abep-UK in its ruby anniversary but they will need the support of each one of us. The work of all of those who came before us should be give a continuity. To conclude, I would like to wish all the best to the new board.


Yours sincerely,


Lucas França
President Abep-UK