Indigenous peoples in Brazil: policies, rights, and perspectives

In Brazil, there are more than 300 indigenous ethnic groups, speaking more than 200 languages. Officially demarcated indigenous lands correspond to nearly 13% of the country’s territory. This scenario is a result of the recent implementation of differentiated policies for indigenous peoples in Brazil, following the 1988 Constitution. Nonetheless, the acknowledgement of these differentiated rights is a subject of heated debate in the country.

This Café Brasil is an invitation to all those interested in understanding a little more about indigenous lands and peoples in Brazil, as well as about the current debates on indigenous peoples’ rights.

Carolina Comandulli is going to give an overview of the status of Brazilian indigenous peoples and lands in Brazil, and talk especially about the current national indigenous rights and policy scenario. Nixiwaka Yawanawá will bring his perspective to the public as an indigenous person from an Amazonian tribe. Vinícius Carvalho will be our discussant.

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